Cover Design

Cover design is avery important part of publishing a book. Without a cover your book will not have a face, and we, at Citrus, take covers very seriously because we strongly believe that a beautiful cover is the key to a reader’s heart (of course, it is not important than the story, but it stands right next in line.)

We have cover designers of different skill levels and expertise who will make the best cover for your book. We provide following cover design service:

  • Basic – A basic stock-image based cover design with appropriate fonts. Pricing – Rs.10,000
  • Standard – A standard cover image with stock-images and beautiful fonts/texts. Pricing – Rs.20,000
  • Premium – A beautiful illustration based conceptual cover design. Pricing – Rs.30,000

Interior Designing

Interior Designing is the way the inside of the book is designed. It takes care of the margins, the fonts, the spacing, the headers and footers, the trim size and the colors, etc. We provide following interior design services:

  • Basic – A basic design template as per internationally compliant format. Suitable for all fiction and basic non-fiction novels. Pricing – Rs.5,000
  • Standard – A standard design template with unique main font along with different and visually appealing heading and sub-heading fonts. Suitable for making all the fiction and basic non-fiction books visually more appealing. Pricing – Rs.8,000.
  • Premium – Premium interior designing includes heavy formatting and table and image insertions, hence this design is suitable only for textbooks, academics, coffee table books, etc. Pricing – Rs.10,000


Typesetting is applying the Interior Design template throughout the whole book and making it a print ready file. Typesetting is a service that only a few publishers offer, but we pride ourselves in providing each and every service to the authors who need them. We know how important Typesetting is to a book. It’s imperative that the book has been formatted and typeset perfectly in order to ensure that it’ll be perfect as a printed copy.

Pricing – Rs.45 per page